April 13, 2008

It's all NUFFNANG's fault!

I need more hits ._.
It's all nuffnang's fault for making me desperate for more unique visitors.
Making me innit my posts,
Making me think of stuff to innit,
Making me cry over every dang I get,
Making me plea for nangs.

Being too dramatic here.
I should be like this instead,
I blog, because I like it.
I blog, because I want people to know.
I blog, because it is my hobby.
Pfft, it's just an add-on to my blog,
Just an extra income.

But nuffnang offers MONEY $_$
Cold, hard, cash!
With cash,
I can buy whatever I want,
Depending on how much cash I have of course.
I can get my dreamy little black iPod nano.

But then again,
Money is the root of EVIL.
Stealing to get money,
Beating up small innocent kids to get money,
Cheating people to get money,
Gambling to get money.

But gambling will get me into trouble!
Gambling will make me poor,
Maybe I will get in trouble with those ah longs! (loan sharks)

If I die ... I just want to say ...
It's all your fault nuffnang.

This is so random.
No offence to nuffnang,
Fact is,


Simon Seow said...

Me heart Nuffnang too. :D

David Cheong said...

Me also me also!!!! hahahaahhaahaha

jun said...

Found your blog on innit. Well, looks like you squishing your brain for post in innit was not bad. Hehe...

But, I beg to differ. Money is not the root of evil. Greedy is the root of all evil. Just sharing my 2 sense.

FELEX TAN said...

Nuffnang is a good social network with all Malaysian bloggers,because most of my visitors are from US and hardly to find Malaysian ,but when i heard the latest news stated that Malaysia has at least 500000 bloggers ,i was shocked!!!Time to get around with you guys.

Jarod said...

hahaha! NUffnang rock huh...then u have 2 crack ur mind more :)

JuLJuL said...

Haha. Nuffnang rules~

Kritz said...

@Simon : <3 :D

@David : me three

@jun : oh, kinda true. but money causes people to get greedy eh?

@felex : yes, this proves that nuffnang rawks~

@jarod : HI!! yea... but must study 1st ._.

@jul : yeaaapp