June 11, 2008

Exam results [Part Three]

Today I got :
1. Geography
2. Malay

Before this,
Teacher told 2 girls that the highest score for Geography in our class was 77% only.
I thought,
How could I be the highest in Geography anyway.
So it would either be 75% or lower,
Which means a B.
I was so worried.
But when the paper came,
I got ...
I was so relieved!
Apparently 3 other classmates share the same marks.
Thank God I didn't do too bad for Geography,
The last thing I need is another B to pull down my grade point average.
(75% is A in my school)

This was the freaky one.
Our teacher listed out a few who got A's for their Malay paper.
My name wasn't there.
All my hopes and dreams of getting an A was gone.
But it turned out that I got 79% for my paper!
I was once again super relieved.

Overall ...

Malay - 79% [A]
Chinese - 73% [B]
English - 89% [A]
Mathematics - 96% [A]
Science - 94% [A]
Geography - 77% [A]
History - 70% [B]
Moral - 93% [A]
Living Skills - 70% [B]
Physical Ed. - 76% [A]
Civics - ?
Arts - ?

Quite okay for me I guess.


Joyce Tedoen said...

I averaged 50% during my high school time. You're doing great. :)

r.p said...

r u one of the top student in school??!

Kritz said...

[Joyce Tedoen]
Thank you (:

I wouldn't say so ... *acts innocent*

~*Jiamin*~ said...

you are doing very well actually

Kritz said...

Thank you (: