June 8, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

This post is about my religion,
You can skip this if you want to.

I haven't been attending church for quite sometime,
Of course,
It's not that I've been drifting away for a lifetime and coming back to Christianity now,
(I'm not that old)
But 2 or 3 weeks is quite a long time.

These days I've been kinda bored of sermons,
But He has his way of doing stuff.
He strikes me with an amazing sermon by Pastor Julious Suubi.
He is a guy from Uganda.

Out of a sudden he calls me out and prays for me.
I was like . dumbstruck .
I can't really recall what he said,
But one of my friends said he prophesied something.
I don't know lah.

Everything seems so blurry right now.
How I wish I could just do something else.
I have school tomorrow.

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