June 16, 2008

Epic Event.



Don't frigging sue me for saying something that really happen.
I'm not foul mouthing or defaming my school.

Okay, back to the topic.

Around 1pm,
There was heavy rain while every other student were studying.
Out of a sudden there was a LOUD thunder,
So frigging loud it made everyone jolted,
And those overreacting people even shout or literally jump out of their seats.

The whole building's electric supply short circuited.
Putus elektrik lah.

While we thought nothing serious happen,
The air-conditioner box thing opposite my block had smoke coming out from it!!
Now THAT was freaky!
Everyone started to make a fuss,
The teacher quickly tried to control the situation.

Out of a sudden,
Someone shouted so loud every single busybody student ran out to see what happened.
The fire alarm rang,
And there was a stench of something burning.

I could surely say this is the first time 90% of us ever met with such situations,
Even though we had fire drills but it was totally different!

Some students quickly ran down the stairs,
While some was still packing their beloved bags.

Every student gathered near the canteen,
Well obviously,
The canteen couldn't fit everyone,
Me and my friends were stranded somewhere on the hallway to the canteen.
We started talking and making crazy stories,
Like how the thunder would suddenly strike the whole canteen full of people and we were the ones still alive.

Some idiots students grabbed the chance to show off their phones,
How I wish I had a phone or a camera to snap the whole thing.

In the end,
We went to the hall.
We sat there for quite a long time,
And I almost wanted to kill myself because I was so damn hot -.-

Fire engines came,
Not 1,
Not 2,
Sorry I don't know how many,
But I heard 5 or something.

No ambulances though,
That's a good sign,
Showing that no one was hurt.

After 40 minutes in the hall,
We were all sent back class to pack our stuff and go home.

Really have to thank God that no one was hurt.

The weird thing is,
My school has been struck for 2 times this year,
If they don't do something,
I think someone might get hurt someday.

Too bad I don't have any pictures.

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