June 19, 2008


You know what?
My teacher didn't inform me that the Jackson Ng's Top Student seminar was postponed.
I can't believe that!
I only brought a few books to school.
Thank God that a few teachers weren't teaching,
Or else I'd be roasted pork.

And guess what,
Now there's this teacher on the lose,
Tracking down bloggers and trying to find a loophole to kill them directly.

I don't know what these teachers have against bloggers,
It's not like we vandalised school property,
Or cursed them in front of their faces,
But now it seems worse than that.

Bloggers are actually not that influential,
Or should I say not every blogger is.

Stop chasing after us and try to make our lives miserable,
Just read and stop manipulating whatever we write,
Trying to find an excuse to kick us out.

Seriously if someone gets kicked out from the school for blogging,
It'd be a joke,
Because there are still far worse students in the school but you never take any action on them.
What's the point of all this.

I'm so sick of this,
It's hard enough to blog with all these DOs and DON'Ts,
Furthermore with the help of teachers,
We tend to become more careful during blogging.

Please lah.
Just leave me alone.


Takirinkuki said...

agree with you. teachers tend to visit student blog and know what thy wrote. and if they wrote anything back about them, they will like trying to fd ways and means to so called revenge.

joshuaongys said...

wattheheck... wat scl is dis?? how come lidat wann.... swt

zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...

I effin' love you.

Kritz said...

Agree. Sadly.

I think quite a lot of schools also do the same thing, but I know of a school which they actually encourage students to have their own blog -.-

lol? thanks o.o

acura said...

You mean teachers will go an real all the student's blog? Unbelievable & unnecessary. Go catch those who smoke in the toilet 1st la

CeD said...

Neh~ Must be those who are damn afraid that you might write shits about them. Fuck them, try to tell me I'm NOT allowed to have my own blog? There's gonna be an anonymous blog with the face on it and of course, all those shits.

Thank God my lecturers dont do this to us. If the government didn't ban blogging, who are these freaks to do that? Cheers mate, just do ya thang!

phingy said...

yes !

its extremely annoying to know that some people are stalking your blog and using what you say agaisnt you.

i hate it.

Kritz said...

They printed someone else's blog out -.-

They allow us to have our own blogs, but they just keep warning us not to blog bad stuff about them.

*sigh* what to do.

Actually, not the whole school is at blame. I'm just saying some particular teacher who try to make people quit blogging.

Atiqah said...

yeah i agree with you cos my class was warbed yesterday that if we were to talk about the teacher she can sue us for defamation etc.

all craps.

joshuatly said...

haiz... too bad.
but at least you got a good reader... haha. Check your blog frequently and check out what u wrote! lol.
i think this kind of teacher is really sick/
you should write something BAD about your teacher but dont mention the name... let the teacher rasa sikit...

Kritz said...

Not to say exactly everything is rubbish. Well, we shouldn't defame anyone, but I think the teachers are really making quite a big fuss over it.

Oh wow, really? Don't make me blush LOL. I don't want to get myself into trouble ._.