June 20, 2008

A Broken Promise.

Someone promised that he would buy me something to eat.
But in the end,
He didn't.

I wasn't exactly hungry or anything,
But a promise is a promise,
Don't promise anything if you can't fulfil it.

But in the end,
He kinda tried to patch things up.

I'm currently trying to forget about it.


I recently realise that,
Broken promises really break my heart,
I think I should write down my discoveries because I tend to forget something about myself.

That's stupid I know.

This might also help in answering tags/meme.

Okay back to topic.

Some other important person in my life,
A women,
You should have already guessed who is it by now.
Broke countless promises,
Big and small.

I really, really, really hate it.

Just stop making promises,
You don't even care about it.

That's why I don't simply promise other people,
I really understand what it feels like when a promise isn't done.

I'm practically going to repeat and repeat what I'm gonna say anyway.

So keep it short,
Might as well don't promise at all.


Jarod said...

hey, know what my lecturer say to those who broke their promises? He said they are the worst person who dun have BALLS! LoL.... get that? tell it to those people who dun kept their promises....hehhe! U DUN HAVE BALLS! U lose ur own image! NO FACE LA! haha.... guys certainly have alot to laugh!

I certainly agree. Broken promises are hurtful to us.

a@ron said...

Wow, you look serious to ensure people follow up their promises huh?
Good attitude!

Kritz said...

LOL. That's extreme.

Hopefully ._. Thanks.