June 22, 2008

I think I have a problem.


These days,
I find it really hard to accept something someone does.

He is a narcissist.
He is self-obsessed.
He is over-confident.
His self esteem is too much.
He doesn't listen to any form of criticism.
He is hypocrite.
He is desperate for attention.

By now you should know I'm talking about you,
But if you think you're not the person I'm talking about,
Never mind,
Go on with your pathetic life.

And for others,
Don't even bother to ask me,
You probably can guess who is it anyway.
Don't go around asking others who is it,
I won't tell anyone else anyway.

If I were to give examples of what he has done,
It'll probably be too obvious.
So skip that.

I tried comparing him with others,
But I think I'm actually deceiving myself to tell myself that he is just wrong.
Or maybe its true.
I can't differentiate anything now.

I think there lies something wrong inside me too.
Somehow imbalanced or something,
Or just full of hatred.
I need help ._.
I hate him. Argh.

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