June 4, 2008

Sunway Pyramid :D

There was Kar Mern.
-No Picture available-

There was Ken Tze.

Calls himself the bitch, braces and bangs.

There was Angeline.

Kinda blur. =X

Last but not least, ME!
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Skip the boring part about how we get there,
We reached Sunway Pyramid,
Bought tickets for What Happens in Vegas.
Went Italiannies

It's really one of those high class places,
Not saying that we are snobbish high class people,
But I guess it would be better if more people went together.

Like how Kenny Sia celebrated Cheesie's birthday.

By the way, Sunway Pyramid's Italiannies had a grammar error in one of their quotes painted on the wall compared to One Utama's one. Remember to spot that the next time you go Sunway's Italiannies!!

Some pictures.
Sorry ._. my photography skills are shitty,
So bear with my weird angles.

The overview of the place.

Complimentary bread dipped with olive oil and vinegar.

1st dish (: Peperoni Pizza!

Trying stupid 'artistic' point of view. Phail.

My ... apple ... something drink.

Could have finished immediately due to dehydration, because I had to walk to my friend's house.

Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Big meatball (:

Couldn't finish everything ._. wasted food. Sorry.

Whooping RM143.60 bill.

The other people were like camwhoring all the time.
The girls even wanted to take pictures with their dreamy waiter =X.

As I mentioned before,
I was dehydrated.

RM15.75 for my Dark Mocha Grande size.

Shopped around.
Went for the movie after that.
Bought another big cup of Sprite (:

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It was either this,
Or Narnia.
For some reason,
I don't really like Narnia,
Thus I didn't want to watch Narnia.

The movie was funny!
Very funny :D
Worth the 7 bucks I paid.
But they cut out some scenes,
Evil Malaysian cinema people >:(

Later on,
Kar Mern and the other 3 of us separated.
She had to find her cousin sister which will send her back.

We went Yogur Berry!


The sign on the ceiling.

Cute little menu.

Yea. Yogur Berry.

The place kinda gives me an impression that it's a place to hand out,
Because it had these cute little things for people to play with,
And the place was kinda comfortable.

I had a Peach Dream Yogurt Juice.
It tasted more like banana to me =/
There goes another 9 bucks.

Went home.
Nothing much.
The end.

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