June 9, 2008

Exam results :) :(

I got back :
1. Arts paper 2
2. Both Science Papers
3. Both Chinese Papers
4. Both English Papers
5. Civics Paper

Arts paper 2 was 35/50,
Can't expect much since it was rather plain according to the teacher.
I wanted to show you all how I did,
But it wasn't nice.
No need to show.

Science paper 1 37/40
Science paper 2 57/60
Total 94%
I got 1 mark from teacher,
There was a mistake in paper 1.
(People are going to hate me for this :D)

Chinese paper 1 27/40
Chinese paper 2 46/60
Total 73%
I just need 2 more puny marks but teacher didn't want to spare,
So sad ._.
Paper 1 was hard,
Had to squeeze brain juice to do every question,
Unlike some English questions where you can just spot the answer on 1st look.
Squeezed every ounce of brain juice but it wasn't enough.
Paper 2 was not bad,
Considering my Chinese standards have been dropping.
I got 10/10 for my Chinese summary,
Heh :D
But my essay was a lil' off track, 20/30.
Friggin' 2 more marks >.>
To be honest,
I was more satisfied to get 73% for my Chinese compared to 94% for my Science.
I'd be over the moon ._.

English paper 1 35/40
English paper 2 45/50
Total 80/90 which was 89%
Paper 1 had a few confusing questions,
I still didn't know what I did wrong.
Paper 2 essay was 28/30,
Should have done my summary and literature better.

Civics was 30/40,
Suppose to add together with some folio marks,
I don't even know did I pass up all my folios,
Can't care much.

I tell you,
I'm so dead when History and Geography come back.
And Living Skills,
Oh wait,
And Malay,
Oh wait.
Just make it every subject.

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