June 26, 2008


This is the last straw.


What the hell is wrong with people these days,
I've already tried commenting politely,
But some people just don't want to care about criticism.
I guess people are taking the
"This is my blog and I can do whatever I want to it"
Too far.

Before I start venting my anger.

Read this.
Top 10 dumb things ppl do to their blog

Okay fine,
Its your point of view,
But can't someone beg to differ?

So as I politely left some comments at her cbox,
She just deleted all of them.

Then I shall post my comments here.
*since you didn't even bother to enable comments, only tags at cbox*

One note,
I print screen her blog posts,
I don't use foul language.

Exhibit A :
Password protected blogs.
Who knows,
Maybe that person has a story behind it?
Maybe her parents and teachers are stalking her blog?

That isn't dumb,
Blogger made that function for a reason,
Why don't you call blogger dumb and don't use bloggers?

Exhibit B :
Oxford dictionary blog.
Of course you don't know what you're saying,
Because you're doing it WRONG.

We don't blog as though we have PERFECT English,
I blog in full sentences,
Hoping that it will help to improve my English.
I don't see what's wrong with that.

Doesn't mean that you prefer or can't blog in decent English makes others wrong.

Exhibit C :
Youtube Videos.
As other bloggers have mentioned,
Some Vlog (Video Blog),
If you don't want to see just skip it,
It could be something interesting.
Sharing is caring.

Last one.
So why care about people putting a lot of advertisements?
Don't need to scold them,
Even your blog might lag with all those widgets and stuff,
Why not delete your own blog instead?

I never did wanted to go to the extent of making a whole post just for this,
But deleting all my comments was just ABSURD.

Yeah you liar.

Just when I decided not to make a big fuss about stuff in my previous post,
But I just can't stand it.


3POINT8 said...

Oooooo...bold move instead! Exposing a hidden act by another blogger.

i also posted a reply on her blog. Being 3POINT8, i can't resist but to pick on point#3 and point#8..

[point#3]I think they are experimentiong with words and the effect it brings. good thing! [Point#8] Jobseekers do that in their resume. If it works on paper, it should work on blogs.

Heaven's Cloud said...

Err.. i'm having a hard time getting out from her blog, tried pressing the close button, but can't get out from her blog. Should i bitch about point "11: did u put some coding so people can't quit from your blog?" xD

Just kidding. Anyway i'm agreed with your points, especially the password. Some only want to share with their closest friends. Like love trouble or something. You don't share those with your parents definitely.

But i guess this girl must've been on her day-of-the-month haha. Btw, can i ran her over with my car? xD

Kritz said...

Haha, how appropriate.
Yeah, experimenting words, didn't know about jobs and stuff.

[Heaven's Cloud]
Be my guest, I'm still 15, can't drive.

Xjion89 said...

Well, you got more than a point there. But, people do what they want to do. This is their freedom, if that is their blog, they have full control. However, the blog with thousands of ads is just ridiculous mainly because its blog keeps on popping ads.

pamsong said...

I agree with most of the things you say. Especially the one about Dictionary Blogs. I don't see anything wrong with blogging in perfect English. It's people who CAN'T that make a big deal out of it.

Kritz said...

Yea, too many ads especially popping up ones are annoying, but doesn't give her the right to ask people to eff off and close their blog.

*omg its her*
Apparently, she can't (:

pamsong said...

See? People with good English get what I say without me having to say it straight up. =p

fsdjfkwui said...

just keep an open mind for anything you read from blogs loh. it can be quite humerous what. see ppl playing dumb on stage. very entertaining one. no need piss-piss lah. (:

Kritz said...

Dang, these days I keep thinking whether is sarcasm included. I'm so confused @_@

Yea, you're right too, that tag deleting thing just tipped me off ._.

pamsong said...

Oh, I'm all for sarcasm. =p

Nikkiko said...


(I mean, yea, the 10 stupid things post not yours -_-)

The best part is that none of the points are new anyways. I've only read 2 other posts with this topic, and they were at least displayed in a more sensible manner than this F- here F- there F- everywhere woman.

oh well, the vicious innit top cycle.

someone choose something (stupid) to bitch about. someone else bitch back because of the stupidity.

God. *smacks head*

Melly. said...

Nice. :)

BernardC said...

Congrats...I think i'm a bit offended juz because I put videos, having good language watsoeva (her dumb list number 3 and 9). I guess I'm a dumb bloggers, duh!!!

So wat if i put videos on my post cuz i hope ppl will understand wat I am trying to say or rfering to what.

So wat if i have a good english cuz I'm writing good english so that ppl outside Malaysia and Singapore. I'm damn proud cuz there r at least ppl from US, Germany, Italy that even leaves comment before. Yet i don give a shit abt it - did i even blog abt my visitors from other countries? (I remember i bever blog abt it)

These ppl just don know how to blog. Next time they shud blog abt things that won't hurt or offended ppl. I think she is the dumb, maybe!! Sorry, ur not dumb, ur just don understand abt blogging!!

~*Jiamin*~ said...

right. i can't stand her too. thanks for pointing everything out. i almost wanted to post on this. or maybe. i will later.anyway, she is just some kid making hasty accusations.

Kritz said...


Don't smack head, it is bad.

Thank you (:

Yeah, I totally forgotten about the other country thing. True true.

Agree, and a liar too.

choco said...

Just goes to show what is the level of Innit users. I wanted to smash my head on the wall when I read the whole thing.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #8 #9 was the height for me.

Oh wait. Isn't that almost everything on her list. Oh wow. -_-!