June 27, 2008

When adults complain about petrol price hike, I'll rant about pencils

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It isn't AS BIG as the petrol thing,
But I really care ._.

Adults kept joking about changing to bicycles,
Then I might as well change to pencils.

Currently using gel-pens,
Refills too expensive.

Change to pencil,
But sharpener need to buy,
Aiyah use cutter.

Oops, house no cutter,
Use knife to slice the pencil.

Adults say petrol too expensive,
Have to eat grass to survive.
Don't do homework lah =x

"Why never do homework!?"
"Stationary price increase, no money buy lah"
"Don't give me bull."

Adults scold government,
For some reason like not subsidising enough or blah blah blah.
I blame the teachers who give me homework that forces me to use stationary?

Everything price hike,
Later need to pay for air to breathe.



Nikkiko said...

LOL. interesting point of view :P

Jan said...

thats cute... xD
haha. a good reason not to homework
then maybe i shall rant abt the 10% electric payment raise, doneed to use computer rush assignment.. nd save electricity xD