June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I tell you,
I have the most amazing father in the whole world :D

When everyone only cares about their mothers,
I will make sure I won't neglect any one of them.

People love their mothers more than their fathers.
But I love them equally :D

Since its father's day,
I shall talk about my father.

My father knows what I'm going through,

Knows when I'm in a very bad mood,

Doesn't force me to do something I really don't like,

Jokes with me and not serious all the time,

Doesn't scold me terribly when I get bad results,
Praises me when I have good results,
(Must have two way traffic ma)

He did a lot of things for me,
The only thing bad about him is that he smokes.

Happy Father's Day.

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