June 17, 2008

Me? A Teacher?

My mother's colleague actually asked me to teach her daughter mathematics.

I ... don't know ...

I mean,
Okay I admit I am a little good in Mathematics,
As far as I'm concerned.
But ... teaching is a whole different thing?

There's a part of me who wants to try out new stuff,
But there's also another part which is afraid.

Afraid that I might not be a good teacher,
Afraid that I might just waste someone else's time,
Afraid that I people think that I'm an idiot,
Afraid that I couldn't even solve the questions.

Should I ... should I not ...
Internal conflict ._.

On past records,
I use to help out friends who face problems,
But I think teaching is different?

Gah. Someone give me some guidance.

1 comment:

Jarod said...

Try and see whether you can teach or not. Then only continue with it if you are able. You won't know until you have had teach the person. GOD BLESS