June 12, 2008

A little bit of everything (:

I didn't know what main thing to post...
So I'll just jumble up everything,
The way I used to.

The increasing of Unique Visitors visiting my blog is really trying to make me blog stuff that I don't really want to blog about.

It might not be a lot to you,
But it's an improvement for me.

But now,
I'm trying to stop forcing myself to blog rubbish.
Whatever other bloggers said was true,
I still remember another person saying that the key to have a good blog,
Is to blog stuff you want to blog about.

Back to the stuff that I was suppose to blog about.
*this is getting repititive*

Exam result week.
Thanks for all the praises,
Really appreciated it.
I have this friend who keeps asking me how I study maths.
How do I score well in mathematics?
Fact is,
Besides school and tuition,
I don't study maths at all.
Its so hard to make a boastful statement without sounding boastful.
But I guess,
I try my best to finish my homework,
Understand my homework,
And use tuition as a place to revise my maths.
That's the only piece of advise I can give.

Been terribly sick yesterday,
I felt like ... stabbing myself.
My father make some lovely porridge for me,
With potatoes, meat, carrots and a lot of other stuff,
All in a bowl.
Thank you :3

Slept almost the whole day,
Lucky I managed to wake up this morning.
Still sick >.>

*out of a sudden, I realise that blogging too much on what I want to blog about could even bore myself*

That's all for today,
Hopefully I'll have something nice to blog about tomorrow -.-

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