June 24, 2008

Mathematics? Australian mathematics?

I went to SMK Alam Megah 2 to join a mathematics competition.
The happiest thing that happened there is when I met a whole lot of my primary friends!!

I met Ng Yik Juen, Bryan Lee, Liang Kai Wen, Ng Wei Jun, Teh Ee Chern, Gan Chee Yiap, Yong Jing Wen and Teo Zhen Bi!!
All from the same class,
Small little gathering :D

The questions we did were totally different from those in school,
For example :

In a private school, school fees depend on the number of children attending the school from each family. A family sending two children is charged RM36 per child. For a family sending 3 children, each child has to pay RM24. When there are four children from the same family, each child pays RM18.

How much would each child have to pay if there are 8 children attending the school from the same family?

Answer : RM 10

A ladder has 100 steps. On the first step sits 1 pigeon; on the second, 2; on the third, 3; and so on up to the hundredth. How many pigeons in all? (No calculators allowed)

Answers : 5050

A lady being asked how old she was at the time of her marriage replied that the age of her oldest son was 13; that he was born 2 years after her marriage; that when she married the age of her husband was three times her own and that now her husband was twice as old as herself. How old were she and her husband when they married?

Answer : 15 and 45

What is the least number of rectangles required to divide a rectangle into smaller rectangles of different shapes but equal area?

Answer : seven

My age is a number consisting of two digits, 1/2 of this number is a mean proportional between these two digits, and two years hence, my age will be a third proportional to the same two digits, directly as they stand in my present age. How long will it be before I am sixty years old?

Answer : 14

I don't know how am I suppose to brush up on these type of questions ><

But anyway,
Nice experience.

Best thing is,
I skipped class :D
For a few periods ._.


Samuel said...

haha.. australian maths.. did before but din manage to get any distinction...

btw.. how they count question 1? i got answer is 9

♥ Haro ♥ said...

i hate math !!

a@ron said...

Seriously...It's difficult!

Kritz said...

I got 9 too ... but teacher said 10

[♥ Haro ♥]
I like it ... but not this.