June 10, 2008

Exam results [Part Two]

Second day,
I got back :
1. Living Skills (KHB-KT)
2. Physical Education (PJK)
3. History
4. Mathematics
5. Moral Education

Living Skills got like 42/60,
Which is 70%.
Er.. yeah.
Quite low.

PJK got 28/40,
But it was (28 + 10) * 2,
So I got 76%,
Er... nothing important.

Did you know?
I friggin' hate History?
When it comes to History,
I'm a total blur case,
Among my friends,
I'll get seemingly low marks for History.
Thus, meaning that its kinda impossible to get A for now.
I got 70%.
I just love that 1st number :D
History 70% is a lot to me.

Yeah, maths.
My favourite subject.
Paper 1 37/40,
Stupid careless mistakes.
Paper 2 59/60
Missed out a small thing.
Got 96% (:
(: (: (: (:
The paper was hard this time,
Challenging in fact.
I wish I could scan it for your viewing pleasure >.>

Got 93%.
I didn't know that a children's job was to make sure our parents is safe and sound.
Plus, I didn't memorise those values.
(For your information, Malaysian Moral requires you to memorise the definition)
But of course,
It's just Form 3,
Teacher wasn't that strict.

There's Malay,
And other scary stuff.

Exam results this time seems okay,
But quite a lot of B's.
I want more A's ._.

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